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What storytelling means to us

Storytelling is one of the most natural of human activities and an art nonetheless. Everyone tells stories and we do so often. We can, however, like with any other activity, improve ourselves and develop our skills. The ability to tell stories can become an art. From the art of storytelling we can craft the most straightforward path to mutual understanding.

Places full of stories

We learned how to tell stories abroad - in Norway (Oslo University College), Scotland (Scottish Storytelling Centre), Austria and Romania. The storyteller Roi Gal-Or came to Prague from Emerson College to lead a workshop for us. In Prague but also in the whole of Czech Republic we learn not only to tell stories but also to listen.

About us

The Storytelling association is a nonprofit organisation that was established on March 18th 2013 and has 10 members.

The main endeavor of the association unearth, create and explore the possibilities of various forms of narration and storytelling. Our goal is the establishment of storytelling as an alternative to other genres and the use of storytelling as a means of education in conjunction with social and community-oriented projects.

We aim to establish long-term cooperation with cultural, educational institutions and schools and to promote storytelling as a unique edutainment method. Furthermore, we lead workshops for teachers, librarians, NGOs and the general public. We hold two storytelling festivals each year - one on March 20th to comemorate World Storytelling Day and the other in autumn, with which we would like to contribute to the tradition of European storytelling festivals. We create storytelling urban games the goal of which is to see the places where we live in a new light, a different way. Our dream is to establish a permanent Czech storytelling centre with a regular program.

What we offer

We would like to work on a joint international project. We are able to perform at festivals with bilingual or English storytelling of fairy tales for both children and adults or with the stories of standout personalities of Czech history and literature. We play multiple musical instruments and accompany our storytelling - mostly the fairy tales - with songs of our own writing.

We collaborate with

Schools - primary and secondary schools, Faculty of Theatre at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
NGOs - for example People in Need


Director, lecturer - Barbora Schneiderová, barbora.schneiderova@story-telling.cz, +420 739 068 758
Production - Jana Burešová, jana.buresova@story-telling.cz, +420 728 538 137
Production of the Storytelling For Schools project - Dominika Šindelková, dominika.sindelkova@story-telling.cz, +420 725 999 106



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