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Co je storytelling   |   Doporučená literatura

Seznam doporučené literatury:

Doporučení od členů Storytelling and Peace Council:

  • Nancy Mellon: Body Eloquence, Storytelling and the Art of Imagination, Storytelling with Children
  • Sue Hollingsworth ans Ashley Ramsdon: The storyteller’s Way
  • Allison Cox: The Healing Heart – Communities
  • Allison Cox: The Healing Heart – Families
  • Joseph Campbell: Hero of a Thousand Faces, The Masks of God (a series of 4 books) – Primitive Mythology; Oriental mythology; Occidental Mythology; Creative Mythology
  • Ruth Sawyer: The Way of the Storyteller, How to Tell a Story
  • David Lewis-Williams: Mind in the cave- Consciousness and the Origins of Art
  • George McDonald: The Giant’s Heart a další knihy
  • Ntony de Malau: A Collection of Stories
  • Paul Mathues: Words in places
  • Lewis Hyde: Trixter Makes this World- Mischief, Myth and Art
  • Alan Garner: The owl service
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen: God in Everyman, goddess in every woman
  • Campbell, Joseph: The Power of Myth, 1991, Anchor Books
  • Cox, Allison: The Healing Heart – Communities, Storytelling to Bring Strong and Healthy Communities, 2003, New Society Publishers
  • Lipman, Doug: Improving Your Storytelling, 1999, August Press
  • Mellon, Nancy: Body Eloquence, the Power of Myths and Stories to Awaken the Body’s Energies, 2008, Nancy Mellon
  • Mellon, Nancy: Storytelling and the Art of Imagination, 1992, Yellow Moon Press
  • Oelrich, Inger Lise: The New Story – Storytelling as a Pathway to Peace, 2014, Storytelling for Life
  • Stone, Richard: The Healing Art of Storytelling, A Sacred Journey of Personal Discovery, 1996, Author’s Choice Press

Doporučení od členů Storytelling o.s.:

  • Michala Piskačová: Vypravěčství jako případ současné slovesné tvorby
  • Rosalind Kerven: Traditional stories, a practical guide for people sharing books with children
  • Grainger, Teresa: The current status of oracy. A cause of (dis)satisfaction?
  • De La Salle, Bruno: The Arts of the Spoken Word – A Defence.
  • Scottish storytelling Centre: Support Pack
  • Renfrewshire Council: A story to share
  • By Word of mouth - The revival of storytelling
  • Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss: Stories in my pocket
  • Ewan McVicar: Storytelling Clubs
  • Chris Powling: Storytelling in schools... and some stories about it
  • Margaret Read MacDonald: The Storyteller's Start-Up Book: Finding, Learning, Performing and Using Folktales Paperback
  • Margot Sunderland: Using Storytelling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children


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